Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Agreement 

  1. Introduction: 
  • Spree co. certifies that the purpose of creating this website and its contents of programs and applications (Safhitak) is for the commercial purpose only, which is to support its customers with technical means that help them to create websites. 
  • Spree co. certifies that it respects the rules and laws regulating the telecommunications. We attest not to post or transmit any illegal content, including any content that includes racial discrimination, defamationabuse, insult, obscene or immoral actnasty business or any other content that affects religions, regulations and laws, or the public policy. 


  1. General Terms and Conditions: 
  • This Terms and Conditions Agreement applies to your use of the Website and its contents of programs and applications (Safhitak) owned by Spree co. and by using this Website, you agree to be bound by this agreement and the terms, conditions and provisions it contains. and if you disagree to any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, you should not use the Website. 
  • It’s not permitted to post on this website (Safhitak)any unlawful content, including any content that includes racial discrimination, defamation, abuse, insult, obscene or immoral act, nasty business or any other content that affects religions, regulations and laws, or the public policy. 


  1. Property rights:: 
  • All information and other materials provided on this website and its contents of programs and applications (Safhitak) in addition to the set of software included are directly owned by Spree co. You may not copy, modify, publish, broadcast, distribute, sell or transfer any materials available on this website and its contents of programs and applications (Safhitakor its set of software (Primary software code); whether in whole or in part without prior written authorization from Spree co., however, the contents of this website may be downloaded, printed, or copied for the purpose announced on the Website (Safhitak). 
  • It is not permitted  any unauthorized use of this website that may result in violation of copyright laws, trademark laws, privacy and publicity laws, regulations and laws regulating the telecommunications 
  • Nothing on this website shall be interpreted as granting any license, ownership or other property rights of this Website and its contents of programs and applications (Safhitak) or its set of software. 


  1. The purpose of the website: 
  • Spree Media has created this website (Safhitak) and its programs and applications to enable its customers to create websites to publish on the internet. 





  1. Responsibility of the website and the company for the offered products and services: 
  • The users of the website (Safhitak) bear full responsibility for the content of the websites they create through (Safhitak) and they acknowledge that Spree co. assumes no responsibility for any of these websites’ contents and does not review them in any way for the purpose of the review or audit. 
  • In case Spree co. Customers build websites through the website (Safhitak) for a commercial purposebe acknowledged that Spree co. does not commit to the authenticity of the content of these websites, whether in implementing the offers presented on the product or service and it is known that it does not bear responsibility for the quality of any of them.  
  • Spree co.is committed only to create the websites for its customers without interfering with the products and services quality or the extent of the credibility of the exhibiting company in implementing the service, and this means that the exhibiting company alone is responsible for its product or service, which means that Spree co.is not in solidarity with the exhibiting company in any responsibility or liability resulting from an error or defective product or service for display. 
  • Spree co., its website and its contents of programs and applications (Safhitak)  are not responsible or liable for any legal liability resulting from an error or defect in the product or service offered on its customers websites built through (Safhitak). 


  • The user has the right to know the services of the website (Safhitak) through the videos available on the page of (Safhitak). At the time the user registers for the site (Safhitak), and the service request is confirmed for payment for certain period, he is aware that it is not possible to return the amounts paid or cancel the service for this period, although it is his right not to renew it for other periods. 


  1. Waiver of warranty: 
  • We offer this website (Safhitak) and the programs and applications it contains “as is” and “as available”, without any implied or express guarantees or conditions, etc. 

We specifically disclaim and disclaim all responsibility for the implied warranties of name and popularity (fit for a specific purpose) and not to exceed the maximum permitted by law. 


  1. Compensation: 
  • The user of the website (Safhitak) from Spree media clients agrees to compensate us and keep us insured against and against all costs, claims, demands, liabilities, expenses, damages, or losses (including but not limited to: consequential losses, loss of profits Reputational losses, and all interest, fines, costs, and other legal and professional expenses) that arise from or related to its breach of any of the terms set forth in this agreement 




  1. Effective date and Amendments: 
  • These Terms of use will be effective from the date of publication of these terms on this website (Safhitak) and the programs and applications related owned by Spree co. The company reserves the right to amend the terms of use from time to time and will post any amendment to the terms of use in this agreement. 
  • The company will not notify the visitors of the website (Safhitak)and the programs and applications it contains( or its customers with any modifications through e-mail or other personal contact addresses. The user of the website is responsible for reviewing the terms of use from time to time to ensure that he/she adheres to them. The amendments are effective from the date of their publication on the website. 


  1. Eligibility: 
  • The user acknowledges and undertakes to the website (Safhitak) that he has the eligibility, legal capacity and ability to use the website and the programs and applications it contains owned by Spree co. Company as stipulated in these terms and conditions. 
  • He must have full eligibility, legal capacity and be fully aware of all terms and conditions. 


  1. The content: 
  • The user agrees that entering the website (Safhitak) and the programs and applications it contains, using it only for legitimate purposes is the purposes for creating the website and the user is solely responsible for knowing and abiding by all laws, regulations and regulations related to the use of the website (Safhitak) and the programs and applications it contains . By entering the website and the programs and applications it contains, the user agrees to the following: 
  • Not to abuse the website (Safhitak) and the programs and applications it contains in any way. 
  • Not to represent others without their consent while using the website (Safhitak) and the programs and applications it contains. 
  • Not to use the website (Safhitak) and the programs and applications it contains to commit a crime or encourage others to take any action that may constitute a crime in accordance with the laws or lead to the emergence of a civil liability arising under the laws. 
  • The user is obliged not to do anything that might affect the operation or security of the website (Safhitak) and the programs and applications it contains for Spree co. or cause irrational annoyance, abuse or disruption of any of the other users or our employees. 





  • The user is obliged to refrain from the following matters (whether he did it in person or through a third party): 
  • Use an automated process to process, monitor, copy, collect, extract any pages, information, data content that exists or is accessed from the website (Safhitak) and what it contains of programs and applications owned by Spree co. without obtaining prior written approval by The company. 
  • Use any automated process to interfere with or attempt to interfere with the proper functioning of the website (Safhitak) and the programs and applications it contains 
  • Perform any action that would impose a large load irrationally or disproportionately to the available infrastructure or website bandwidth (Safhitak) and the programs and applications it contains 
  • Applying reverse engineering, reverse collecting, dismantling, or any other work that would discover a source code or other computational formulas or processors with respect to the computer program used in infrastructure and operations related to the website (Safhitak) and the programs and applications owned by the company. 
  • In order to access the website (Safhitak) and what it contains of programs and applications owned by Spree co. the user needs to access the Internet and take responsibility for any communication, service or fees related to accessing the Internet and providing all the necessary equipment to be enabled to connect to the Internet (including computers, modems, and other necessary access devices). 


  1. Termination of Use: 
  • Spree co. has the right, in its sole opinion, to terminate or suspend the use of the website (Safhitak) and the programs, applications and websites created by the user through (Safhitak) to any individual or group of individuals without prior notice for any reason whatsoever, including breach with terms of use or any work that conflicts with the website (Safhitak) and that violates public morals or what the company considers to be against the law or harmful to others. In case of termination, the user will not be able to access the website. 


  1. Non pledge or warranty: 
  • Spree co. does not provide any kind of undertakings or guarantees regarding the materials and information listed in the websites created by users through the website (Safhitak) and the full use of these websites is at the responsibility of those users and the company does not bear any responsibility for any error or negligence in the content of these websites or obligated to update them. 
  • The only compensation for the user for matters related to the use or materials on the website is not to continue to use the website and not to use the information or materials obtained. Both the user and the company agree that the company does not bear responsibility for any damages related to the user's use or dependence on the website (Safhitak) and the programs, applications, or any of its contents. 



  1. Please note the following when using the website: 
  • Product information (Safhitak) may be incomplete for the purpose of sustainable development, the company reserves the right to amend or change its program plans, applications, materials and features without prior notice or assume any obligation, knowing that these modifications may not be indicated on the website or our models and despite all efforts are made to ensure that the prices and conditions included in this policy are accurate and current. These prices and conditions may be subject to change at any time.  
  • The company makes no pledges to update the website. Users should not assume that the information on the website is updated or otherwise contains existing information.  
  • Prices may be increased or decreased at any time.  
  • Advertisements may be posted on the website (Safhitak) at times that the company determines according to its opinion. 
  • The company does not review the published ads to determine whether they are still accurate, and that the information included in these ads has been replaced. 


  1. Copyright:- 
  • The rights to publish and print the materials and information included in this website (Safhitak) and what it contains of programs and applications are the property of Spree co. Company provides content included in the website and what it contains of programs and applications as a service to its customers and the user may be subject to legal accountability under the laws in force in the event Violating any of the following conditions: 
  • It is not permissible to copy, extract, publish, download, transfer or distribute in any way whatsoever except for what the user is allowed to review and with commitment to the restrictions or limitations expressly stated that relate to specific content or download or to print portions of the content from several pages of the website (and what it contains of Software and applications) only for non-commercial use of the user. 
  • Any other use, including but not limited to extracting, publishing, displaying, or transmitting the content of this website and its programs and applications, is prohibited. The user also agrees not to change or delete any proprietary notices downloaded from the website and the programs and applications it contains. 



  1. Use of information: 
  • Spree co. respects the user's privacy and is committed to protect it by adhering to the applicable policy( This policy applies to the information collected from this website and its contents of programs and applications or emails). The Company does not share, sell or lease any of this collected personal information to others and does not intend to do so in the future Your personal information is only available to the company’s officials and professionals who need to know it in order to provide services in accordance with the nature of the user's interaction with our website and your personal information will not be available for public viewing without your consent. 
  • The electronic pages created by the user through the website (Safhitak) are not subject to the privacy of the user and Spree co. can use the addresses of these pages as a reference for the company's achievements in terms of technical and creative aspects of the company. 


  1. The gathered information: 
  • If the user requests information or provides it to us by sending an e-mail via "Send to:" or by filling out "Contact Us" form, we may save the user's email address as well as his other information that he may provideThis information may be used to communicate with the user in the future either by regular mail, email or telephone to provide information about our products and services that we believe to be useful for him. Information about e-mail and other information provided by the user to us shall not be sold to others. The information gathered by the company will be used for the purpose of marketing and for developing the user’s page. Users who provided information will receive Brochures and offers from the company. The information we gather from the user may only be used in the following matters: 
  • Improving our website - We always seek to improve our website based on the information and feedback we receive from the user. 
  • Improving customer service- The information given to us by the user helps us to respond effectively to our customer service requests and provide the necessary support. 
  • Following registration procedures- User information, whether public or private, will not be sold, exchanged, transferred or granted to any other company for any reason without the user's consent except for the purposes of providing the required services. 
  • Sending emails periodically- The e-mail address provided by the user may be used for the purpose of following up the request procedures to send information and updates about the service provided to the user, as well as to receive the company's news from time to time, news and information regarding the product or service, etc… 



  1. Disclosure of information: 
  • We may disclose the personal information that we gather or provide as defined in this policy to (1) our associated companies, affiliates, (2) service providers and other parties we use to support our business and (3) any other buyer or successor in case of merger, disposal of the assets, restructuring, reorganization, dissolution, sale or other transfer of some or all of the company's assets whether it has the sustainability or as part of the bankruptcy, liquidation or similar procedures in which personal information is maintained by the Company about the users of the website and its contents of programs and applications (Safhitak), which constitute part of the assets to be transferred and (4) to meet the purpose for which it was provided and (5) for any other purpose disclosed by the company when the user provides the information and (6) with your approval. 
  • We may also disclose the user's personal information for the purpose of (1) complying with a court order or government demand(2) implementing or applying our Use conditions or Terms of Sale and other agreements, (3) In the event that we believe that the disclosure of this information is necessary or appropriate to protect the rights, company's property, customers or others and their safety. 



  1. The applicable law: 
  • Once you access this website and its contents of programs and applications (Safhitak), you agree that your access to the Website and providing any of the Services shall be under communications laws and agree to be subject to its jurisdiction. 


  1.  Force majeure: 
  • No party shall be deemed to be in breach of his obligations due to the delay in implementation or non-implementation as a result of a Force Majeure Event. No party shall be entitled to recourse against the other party affected by the Force Majeure event with any claims or liability and compensation for damages resulting from a Force Majeure Event. 


  • "Force Majeure" Event, means any event or unforeseen circumstance that is unavoidable or preventable by a reasonable cost and force majeure means, for example, but not limited to government procedures, closure, prohibition orders, riot, revolutions, earthquakes, natural disasters, wars, terrorist incidents, floodsepidemics and similar. 



  1. Meaning words in the agreement 


  • In this agreement Spree co./ The Company / Company/ Spree/ Spree Media are meant to be: 

“Spree سبرى ميديا “ Company