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1. Summary

In Safhitak itself you can process refunds in manual way:

  • Manual: Refunds change the Safhitak order status, but you need to return the money manually to your customer

2. Manual Refunds

  • Check: Consult the documentation or support of your payment gateway on whether manual refunds are available. You will either need to:
    • Log in to your payment method account and process the refund there.
    • Transfer the money from your bank account manually.
  • Scope: Refunds normally extend to products, taxes, and shipping fees. However, transaction fees charged by the payment gateway will likely be lost and not refunded.
  • Safhitak: Refunds and can be processed through your Orders page. To manually refund an order:
    1. Go to: Safhitak Store > Orders.
    2. Select the order to refund.
    3. Go to the order summary, and select “Refund” to start.
    4. Specify the quantity of the product(s) to be refunded in the text box(es) that appear for each line item. The refund amount will automatically adjust based on the products refunded. If inventory levels are not managed, you can also enter the Refund amount, without adjusting the product quantity.
    5. If the quantities of items are not set when issuing a refund then the order is not marked as refunded and the email that is sent will say “partial refund.”
    6. Add refund notes, if desired.
    7. Select “Refund EGP XX.XX manually”.

Items selected for a refund will be noted as refunded. Once the refund has been applied to the order, it will look like this:

Note: This does not refund the customer via the payment gateway. Continue on to your payment gateway’s dashboard to start the refund process there, or transfer the money manually back to them.

3. Restocking Products Based on Refunds

When processing a refund, you have the option to restock products by ticking the “Restock refunded items” box: