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Shipping classes can be used to group products of similar type and used by some shipping methods, such as Flat Rate Shipping, to provide different rates to different classes of product.

1. Add Shipping Classes

1. Go to: Safhitak Store > Settings > Shipping > Shipping Classes.
The screen lists existing classes.
2. Select Add Shipping Class beneath the table. A new row appears.

  1. Enter a Shipping Class Name and description. Slug (unique identifier) can be left blank and auto-generated, or you can enter one.

Save Shipping Classes.

2. Edit and Delete Shipping Classes

To edit or remove a shipping class:

  1. Hover over Shipping Class Name. Options appear.
  2. Select Edit to revise the name, slug, or description. Or Remove to delete the shipping class.
    2016-05-17 at 16.49
  3. Save Shipping Classes.

3. Assign shipping classes to products

To apply these rates to a specific class of products (e.g., bulky or heavy items), you need to assign them.

  1. Go to: Safhitak Store > Products.
  2. Select the product, and Edit.

3. Go to Shipping, and select the Shipping Class from the drop-down.

WooCommerce Shipping Classes - Product Shipping Class
Simple Product – Shipping Class


Variable Product – Shipping Classes

Each product can have one shipping class.

4. Update the product to save changes.

4. Bulk-Edit Shipping Classes

To bulk-edit shipping classes:

    1. Go to: Safhitak Store > Products.
    2. Select the products you want to edit by ticking boxes on the left-hand side.
    3. Select Edit from the Bulk Actions drop-down, then Apply. A new screen appears.
    4. Select a shipping class from the drop-down.
    5. Update to save changes.