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Add Pre-built Rows to your Content

Pre-built rows are smaller than saved layout templates but serve the same function–quick layouts that you can customize. You can choose from dozens of prebuilt rows to add to your layout and modify as you like.

  • After accessing your website click on (Safhitak Builder).
  • Click on ( + ) button to open a popup menu.
  • To access pre-built rows, on the Rows tab of the Content panel, select the group Pre-built rows, then click a category to see the row thumbnails. It contains: Content Row, Call to action row, FAQ row, Features row, Headers row, Lead generation row, Pricing tables row, Teams row and Testimonials row.
  • Choose what row you need to add on your website and click on it to see all design.
  • Drag one into your layout and modify as you like.