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How to use pre-built full pages?

Add as many sections as you want to each page. You can choose from blank sections or add a Pre-designed section that we have created for you.

Adding a Pre-made full pages

We have tons of ready-made and fully responsive sections, all designed in the color palette of your site. Just choose the one you want and customize it to your own personal style. You can also use these sections for design inspiration and take them apart to see how they were built, to learn all the great things you can do in the Editor.

  • After accessing your website click on (Safhitak Builder).
  • Click on ( + ) button to open a popup menu.
  • Click on Templates and choose Landing Pages.


1.Landing Page Template:

Landing page templates are layouts suitable for use as a landing page or home page. The following screenshot shows some examples.

  • After choosing the suitable layout you want for your website click on it and it will change immediately.


2. Content Page Templates

[Content page templates] focus on specific types of pages, such as portfolios, contact, FAQs, or a signup form. The following screenshot shows a few examples.

· After choosing the suitable Content page template you want to add to your website click on it and it will change immediately.


3. Saved layout templates

You can save the layout of any page or post as a template. This is useful in several ways:

  • You want your site to conform to a layout across more than one page.
  • You want to use the same layout or content on another site. In this case, you can export the saved template and import it in the other site.
  • You want to share your layout with another person, or they want to share with you.