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Drag and drop empty columns into the layout

You can use this technique to add columns or child columns anywhere. It works particularly well to construct complex column layouts before you start adding modules.

  • After accessing your website click on (Safhitak Builder).
  • Click on ( + ) button to open a popup menu.
  • Click on Rows and then choose Columns.
  • To drag one or more empty columns into the layout:

In the Content panel, click the Rows tab and drag the column configuration you want into the layout.

Drag a module into the layout

Dragging a module into the layout automatically creates a new row with a column around it, or a new module layer, or a new column to the left or right of an existing one. In the following screenshot, an Icon module is being dragged in between two other columns. The blue shading shows where the new column will be inserted.

  • After choosing the columns which you want to add to your website now you can edit on it.

You can modify column style and layouts in the following ways.

1. Change the column widths when you have two or more columns across.
Widths must add up to 100% on large devices, but medium and small device column width settings can total less than 100%.

2. To change the columns colors, click on the column and choose Style and it will open a screen choose Style to edit easily. These colors override row colors for that column and apply them to modules unless the modules have their own colors set. The options are text color, link color, text hover color, and heading color.