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How to signup with Safhitak Expand

Website creation has never been easier. To be able to build your website, you need to sign up for your account with us. In the below steps, we will walk through signing up your website.


From homepage you can start by clicking

“Let’s Go” 

Step 1: Choose your payment plan Expand

Choosing your plan starts with choosing the term. You can choose either between Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly plan

Then it is time to choose your package. Our preferred package is the PLATINUM package our regular package is the SILVER package in between them we have a GOLD package.
Check the features for each one.


Step 2: Choose a template. Expand

After choosing your package and term now you are ready to choose your template. Safhitak provides you with a wide range of templates that will fit your business whatever your preferences are.

You can search for your preferred template or you can select it from the page.

When you stop your mouse “hover” on one of our templates icon you can either select the template or even you can view the desired template.


Let’s view the template first, just click on “View Template” then you will be able to view the template for the selected website.


Not only view the website, but you also can view the compatibility view on smart devices “Tablets or Smartphones” using the compatibility view tool on the top of the page.

On this page, if you want to view another template you can easily without leaving this page. You can click on the drop-down menu on the top of the screen to view the other templates.