Change Header Items

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  • Click on Safhitak Builder.
  • Click on Row Settings.
  • Scroll down until you reach the “Colors” section; change the colors to your preference.
  • Then change the color of the header background.
  • To change the layout of the titles, click on Advanced Menu Settings.
  • Choose whether you like the titles displayed horizontally or vertically.
  • To change the subheading colors and hover colors, click on Submenu and scroll down to General Settings.
  • To change the cart icon color, click on it and go to Style.
  • In Style, scroll down to Button Icon and change the color to your preference.
  • To change the upper header, click on it.
  • Scroll down to change the colors to your preference.
  • To add or change the text to the Header, click on My Sites, then go to the Dashboard.
  • Click on “Products” or any of the titles below and change the title to one of your choices.
  • As shown above, type in the new title then click Save.