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Using the Audio module, you can insert one or more audio files from the WordPress Media Library or a single audio file from an external source, plus choose some playback options.

Using audio files from the Media Library

When you choose the Media Library option in the Audio module, click the link to choose one or more audio files to play. You can upload new files at that time also. After you add the audio files, some playback options appear.

If you choose a single audio file, a simple audio player appears in the rendered output, and you have a choice to auto play the file and loop the file, as shown in the following screenshot.

If you choose more than one audio file, additional options are displayed in the settings, as shown in the following screenshot and described below.

  • Style
    Light displays the playlist in dark text on a white background, while Dark displays the playlist in white text on a dark background.
  • Show playlist
    Yes shows the audio list under the player. No shows the first item in the playlist and displays and autoplays the next item in the playlist when the first is finished playing.
  • Show track numbers
    Yes numbers the items in the playlist. No hides the sequential numbering. See the following screenshot for an example of the player and playlist.
  • Show thumbnail
    Yes displays the thumbnail associated with the audio file currently loaded in the player, if the image is available. No doesn’t display the image.
  • Show artist name
    If you specified an artist’s name in the Media Library, then Yes displays it in the playlist below the player. No doesn’t display the artist name in the playlist. If the Media Library does have Artist metadata specified, the information on the currently playing file does display whether this setting is Yes or No.