When subscribing to one of the packages you will receive the following benefits!


Website Storage

Safhitak packages offer storage space starting 5 GB to 10 GB so you can upload all your photos and products.


Editor Tool

Through Safhitak’s editor tool, you will be able to edit, add and remove products easily


Several Payment Gateways

Your customers get to enjoy credit card payments without any obligations from your part.

flexibility (1)


The ability to pause or resume the website activities at any given time


Designers at your service

A team of designers will customize your website from scratch to match your existing brand identity including the logo , branding colors and content.


Linking your Website

A special team of developers dedicated to link your website with any external tools you're using (This service is not included in the package)


No Commissions

We don’t take any commissions from your sales.


Ready-made templates

Safhitak offers a wide range of ready-made templates. You can choose from over 40 different designs.


Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System with capabilities of transferring items, Issuing items out, Issuing items in, Changing items information and related reporting for items movement and transactions


No Risks

You are not obliged to commit to a certain subscription period


Coupons and Promocodes

Through Safhitak, you can add coupon codes and promocodes for your customers to enjoy

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Personal official Emails

Safhitak provides personal emails with your own domain


Secure website

Your website will be 100% secure and safe


Create several websites

The ability to create several websites from the same account


Advanced tools

Safhitak offers you advanced tools to build your website such as parallax effects, high definition videos and image sliders


Online Store

Safhitak is the perfect solution for you to showcase your products.You can add your products on your website and start selling online


Special Domain Name

Safhitak can offer you your own domain name such as www.yourname.com

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Hosting Service

The price includes the hosting fees, there are no hidden costs. 


Customer service

We have a dedicated customer service team responsible to keep you updated and helping you solve any issues through the phone, chat and emails.


Daily Backups

Your website will be backed up daily to retrieve any lost data